The Style Evolution of Harry Styles

The Style Evolution of Harry Styles

We all know Harry, we all love Harry. He’s the heartthrob wonder of the world that even my dad can’t resist. We’re going on almost a decade of Mr. Styles being in the spotlight, that’s a lot of style moments. As my roommate, best friend, and personal Harry Styles fanatic, Cassie Tipton, puts it; “Harry has gone from a Jack Willis basic catastrophe to a full fledged Gucci icon”. So how did this happen? How did Harry come to be the modern day Mick Jagger?

Maybe this article is just an excuse for me to post a million pictures of Harry Styles and call it content, but I don’t care. Harry has one of the most refined male styles I’ve seen in a while and it deserves to be chronicled and celebrated. BRB I have to go listen to the album again. Enjoy!


Our journey starts in 2010 and oh what a blessed year that was. Tik Tok was the #1 song in America, Taylor Swift had just released Speak Now, and the glorious One Direction had appeared for the very first time on the UK X Factor. 2010 is also the first time we see Harry Styles out in the public eye. A year full of logo hoodies, baggy jeans, and scarves, Harry set the standard for every 16 year old wanna-be pop star.

Now that 1D is in full swing, the boyband affect has taken hold. I’m assuming a stylist has taken over at this point and this moves Harry’s style forward in massive strides. Up All Night has been released, and


with it we see the birth of of the Preppy Pop Star. With slim fit blazers, a number of bowties, and skinny trousers galore, major prep school vibes give way for Harry’s first true style moment.

Okay, honestly, 2012 was the prime year of the 2010’s and you can quote me on that. Once we put Taylor Swift’s RED album and the death of Haylor (RIP) aside, it was also the prime of One Direction. The Take Me Home album! Little Things! The Kiss You music video! What a fricken year guys. Harry is starting to grow out his hair and for the first time ever, we get a glimpse of the hipster rocker he is to become.

I don’t have much to say about 2013 other than I feel like it was the year of farmer chic. Flannels, boots, and chain necklaces galore, we’re finally starting to get somewhere. Oh, and HOW could I forget to mention the glorious cheetah print moment that took the shape of a London Fashion Week show look.


Hello 2014, and HELLO crazy suits. 2014 was the year that Harry really started to come into his own and fully embrace his quirky style. Pictured is my favorite look of the year, a perfect trench coat moment. This was also the year of head scarves, the pinstripe suit, and those damn Chelsea boots he never ever took off. The hair is getting longer, 1D’s days are growing shorter, what a year.

Gucci Harry is starting to fully take shape in 2015 and the floral suit is the perfect example. Literally everyone hated it. The print, the flare legs, the fit, all of it. I however, couldn’t get enough. The hair is out in full force, and it’s almost like 2010 Harry never existed. Honestly god bless this suit. That’s all.


2016 was a dark year indeed. The death of 1D, the death of the Hair, it wasn’t fun. BUT, 2016 brought us Dunkirk and a new, sleek, solo Harry Styles. The style didn’t shift a great amount this year, but we see Harry with a newfound confidence so to speak. Free from the boyband, Harry can now unapologetically own his crazy style without having to match anyone else. Having made the album in Jamaica, we we gifted a number of tropical moments as well. While there was no room to include them here, they live on fondly in my heart.


The year of the solo album, 2017, was glorious. I don’t have much to say about it other than I think it may be Harry’s best year yet. With 2017 we see numerous press junkets, a world tour, and some award shows scattered throughout. This gives us so many iconic style moments. Almost too many to count. Who remembers the red, floral Alexander McQueen suit we wore on tour? Or how about the bright pink, double-breasted suit he wore on the today show? The purple paisley Alexander McQueen is another honorable mention. Whoever his stylist is, I give thunderous and unending applause. Can we talk about this green, double-breasted, moment? I’m still not over it.


Now to the present. 2018. Harry is a Gucci ambassador, Mick Jagger-like style icon, and musical genius (too far?). I bought a pair of wide-leg pants just so I can feel 5% as cool as him. True story. His style is fully formed and ready for anything. With Mick and the 70s as a consistent source of inspiration, Harry is like none other. Truthfully I often think that there is no one in the world who can pull off these outfits other than him. I look forward with an awe-struck eagerness as to what comes next. Can we talk about how he’s co-hosting the 2019 Met Gala: CAMP? Not yet? Okay fine I’ll hold off on that one.




What’s your favorite era of Harry? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below! x


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