My Style Staples

My Style Staples

A closet can be so personal. If you think about it, the style staples in your closet has been specifically chosen to be there and everything holds a purpose. Some of those things hold memories; that dress you wore on a first date, the button down you landed your dream job in, the boots you once walked ten miles in because all the subways were down (god bless the NYC MTA). Each article of clothing holds so much meaning in our lives and it’s not often realized until you take the time to think about it. Here you’ll see why I love my trusty black t-shirt so much, the pieces that have carried me through every season of life, and some other little tid-bits.

We all have those pieces that we find, wear to death, buy again, and repeat. The clothing that follow us through life are a special thing. My favorite pieces have grown with me and evolved as my personal style has evolved. Some I’ve only recently purchased and fallen in love with, other I’ve had for years and dread the day they finally become unwearable. These seven pieces hold a lot of my heart and while they are definitely basics and may not seem very interesting, they’ve helped to evolve my style from the 4th grader who wore the same flare khakis everyday (yikes I know) to now – the girl who wears the same black t-shirt everyday. Turns out I’m nothing if not predictable.

  1. The (aforementioned) Black T-Shirt:

Where do I begin with this shirt? First off, it’s from Topshop. Perfectly boxy, slightly longer sleeves, distressed hemming, and the perfect length to tuck in; this shirt makes me feel sleek and simple. It’s also a slightly thicker material than most shirts so it holds its shape really nicely. If it were business attire acceptable, I would take over the world in this t-shirt. It’s weird personifying a shirt like this, so I’ll move on now.

  1. The Girlfriend Jeans:

These are from ASOS, and they are the perfect combination of a high-waisted mom jean and a slim/skinny. They hug through the waist and thighs, but with a little bit of give and straightness around the calves and ankles. They hit just above my ankle bone which makes them perfect for ankle boots. I’ve had a lot of my best days in these pants. (as an aside: they also are perfect¬† for hiding any food baby imaginable)

  1. The (not so little) Black Dress:

A style staple from Zara, this is my perfect black dress. High neck, long-sleeved, and just enough twirl in the skirt. There’s enough interest in the stitching so it’s not boring, but I also don’t get scared of it being too loud. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this dress other than the fact it’s finally a dress I don’t hate.¬†

  1. The White Lace Shirt:

You’re probably tired of the neutrals, but too bad, here’s another one. A staple from Zara, this shirt embodies the combination of work and play. It’s just the right amount of ruffles for me, and the white means it will match with everything.

  1. The Wide-Legged Pants:

Just call me Harry Styles. I was in a rut over the summer with my collection of skinny pants and I desperately needed a change. Luckily, ASOS (or my FBI agent) knew just the style staple I needed as these popped up on my Instagram ads moments later. They’re perfectly high waisted and just long enough so with heels they skim the floor but I can also comfortably wear them with flats. I feel like a girlboss in them too which definitely helps with their appeal.

What are your can’t live without pieces hiding in your closet? Let me know below!

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